Whom I Have Believed In

We’ve been playing several acoustic shows lately and have so enjoyed the process of stripping the songs back and seeing what they’re made of…it’s slowed us down and helped us do the same thing as individuals and a band. Music, especially when played with quality, authentic ragamuffin friends is the best therapy there is.

Songs are like photographs.  Albums are like photo…albums.  Ok, this metaphor is unraveling quickly.  Anyway, in these old snapshots you can’t change what you were wearing, your hairstyle, who you were with, how rolled up your pant cuffs were.  *Sigh*  Analogies aside, songs capture moments of previous thoughts, world views and maybe even a bit of certainty about something.  As you grow,  if you’re honest and healthy with yourself, those little assurances start to unwind and you realize how addicted to certainty you’ve become.  How you re posture your thinking to explain away the mystery.   …so um, this song is like that.

© T/F Unicorn Publishing BMI | from album: Linger In Bloom