Parade // Live from Listening Room, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Parade, off our latest album, Baby, It’s You, is the closing track that sums up that universal scenario of feeling pretty good about things and then life smacks you so hard you’d swear it was some sort of premeditated hit the cosmos put out on you. This ain’t your grandma’s ole’ Murphy’s Law. We’re talking life derailment. It’s real and it hurts. The parade you had all planned gets rained out at the last minute. A wise mentor told me: there is no good or bad – just helpful or harmful. Who knows what is good or bad. We certainly don’t. And learning to live with that tension and mystery is a part of life. It’s almost an inevitable part. A maddening teacher. Huh. That’s sorta darkly optimistic. Which is how we roll.

This was recorded live at the fabulous Listening Room in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Special thanks to WYCE Radio and Listening Room. And to the good folks: Shane, Quinn, Steve and Cassie for having us.

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