In Time

We’ve been playing a lot of acoustic shows lately and have so enjoyed the process of stripping the songs back and seeing what they’re made of…it’s slowed us down and helped us do the same thing as individuals and a band. Music, especially when played with quality, authentic ragamuffin friends is the best therapy there is.

Recorded live, this captures the acoustic band version of a quintessential song from our Linger In Bloom album that has rarely left the set-list over the years.  Its been our show opener and is great tune to settle into.  Its wrestles with those universally frustrating aspects of life – One: that things just take too long.  …which is more revealing of our inner impatience and hurried perspectives. Secondly: sometimes, lots of times, life is hard. We want to just run and hide.  “As the seasons fly I’m wasting while I try and disappear…”

© T/F Unicorn Publishing BMI | from album: Linger In Bloom