In Time // live at Seven Steps Up

Recorded live, Seven Steps Up, this captures the live version with a little extended funkiness (who doesn’t need more of that in their life). In Time is a quintessential Annagail song from our Linger In Bloom album that has rarely left the set-list over the years. Its been a show opener for a long time and is great tune to settle into. Playing this one in the hollowed hall of Seven Steps Up’s listening room was nothing short of transcendent. Some concerts are special, some are sacred. A fantastic crowd at a fantastic venue.

In Time lyrically wrestles with those universally frustrating aspects of life – One: that things just take too long. Secondly: Somethings don’t take long enough. We want to just run and hide or just run ahead. “As the seasons fly I’m wasting while I try and disappear…”

“Words escape us. These are friends and beautiful humans.”
–Gary Hanks // Seven Steps Up

Incredible harmonies and top-notch songwriting! I love this band and love what they’re doing.  They do it well.“
-John Sinkevics // Host of LocalSpins on 88.1fm WYCE


© T/F Unicorn Publishing BMI | from album: Linger In Bloom

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