Holy Ghost & Whiskey (mini documentary)

A documentary with a lot of heart…some rock and roll and some tears. A mini-documentary of sorts. ‘Holy Ghost & Whiskey’ tells our story – the story of Annagail, where we’ve been, where we’re going and the making of our latest album, ‘Home.’ The heartaches, the overcoming and the music that’s resulted from it all. All at once a tale of gratitude and grief – inspiring, humorous and harrowing, as life usually is – but most of all, its a testimony to the healing and mysterious power of music and Annagail’s relentless pursuit of the muse and the surrender to it as well.

We don’t brag very well so here’s some snippets from dear friends that seems to sum us up pretty well:

“Words escape us. These are friends and beautiful humans. We cried, we laughed and we didn’t want the documentary to end. Holy Ghost and Whiskey, The documentary – gonna have a glass and watch it again.”
Gary Hanks // Seven Steps Up

“Small town anthems about times both desperate and idyllic, but tempered with life-triggered, healthy agnosticism. There is joy and there is pain, and at its best Annagail shows you how to celebrate both.”
-Chad Wedeven // Stolen Wallpaper Music Review

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