Enemy & the Avenger

We’ve been playing several acoustic shows lately and have so enjoyed the process of stripping the songs back and seeing what they’re made of…it’s slowed us down and helped us do the same thing as individuals and a band. Music, especially when played with quality, authentic ragamuffin friends is the best therapy there is.

We have fond memories of writing the ‘intro to the intro’ in our rehearsal studio during a fierce winter storm one night, watching the snow build up on the windows.

As if we need another relationship song.   I know, I know.  Although this tune from the Slightly Certain album leans a bit more into the ‘breakdown’ of said relationship.  It’s tempting and easy, after a break up, to see the other as evil and unworthy and we direct all the energy and passion we once called love into an equal force of anger or even hate. We’re motivated by the small minded defense mechanism of  “I’m justified, but there’s no excuse for you.”  If we could see ourselves through other’s eyes, we would be embarrassed to tears by our own hypocrisies.

People often come up to us after shows and say they really liked that love song with the ‘poetry in motion’ line in it.  Some have even played it at weddings.  I guess the beauty of art is how we all hear, see and react to things differently.  Based on many variables I imagine.  I won’t explain too much because the song always retained a mystical amount of interpretation. Forgiveness isn’t an antiquated concept. Keeping it between relationships, like the awkward gap at a middle school dance, is a healthy space to live in.  As far as calling this a love song…it was written after binge watching the Jenny Jones Show.  Infer what you will.

© T/F Unicorn Publishing BMI | from album: Slightly Certain