Cowards Last Wish

We’ve been playing several acoustic shows lately and have so enjoyed the process of stripping the songs back and seeing what they’re made of…it’s slowed us down and helped us do the same thing as individuals and a band. Music, especially when played with quality, authentic ragamuffin friends is the best therapy there is.

A raucous, whiskey flavored foot-stomper, Cowards Last Wish from the Slightly Certain album has long been a fan favorite.  Lyrically it addresses our hypocritical ways and how, when the moment of truth presents itself, we suddenly aren’t as tough and honest as we bragged about.  With the passionate delivery of a ‘fire and brimstone’ preacher, who ironically also ends up in the lyrical cross-hairs, this song has closed out many a show.

© T/F Unicorn Publishing BMI | from album: Slightly Certain