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New music!  Heart-wrenching lyrics wrapped in a melody that is all at once haunting and comforting. Writer, Jennifer, of the band Annagail, goes into deep territory of abuse from her past. This latest single shines a light on the abuse to encourage others to use their voice and speak their truth.  Please don’t let the pull of isolation keep you wrapped up in the trauma. This song and the whole project are touching on some very deep emotions and trauma that require a relationship with shadow and inner work.  This work opens you to the larger life within, facing the darkness and light. While at the same time celebrating and raging at it all.  The paradox of life and what makes you who you are requires a deep, long look at the trauma endured.  When you overcome and survive then that’s worth singing about.
Please listen and share. For every spin is being supported. They are a strong arm for women and survivors of abuse. Potential trigger warning for some.

Pre-saves be damned!  New music is here and its out!  This first single (from a forthcoming album! Ahhhhhh!)  In the profound, metaphysical words of our bass player: “’bout time.”  We’ve missed you. Damn, have we missed you and are equally grateful for all the ears and venues that have given Annagail’s songs a home.  For every foot tapped, for every lyric pondered and every melody you’ve sung along to, we sincerely thank you.  Lots and lots more coming.

Released March 12, 2021

Produced by // DJ Eichenberg at Silverback Sound
Recorded and engineered by Jared Adams // Anne’s Attic Studio, Grand Rapids, MI
Additional recording and engineering by DJ Eichenberg  // Silverback Sound
Mixed/mastered by // DJ Eichenberg at Silverback Sound
Jared Adams // vocals / rhythm and lead guitars
Jennifer Adams // vocals / piano
DJ Eichenberg // Programming / Synths / Bass / Guitars

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