New Music on the Horizon(s)

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Consider this your cryptic teaser here vaguely hinting at new music in the works from Annagail. The proverbial wheels are in motion y’all. It’s feels great and yes, long overdue. There, we said it first! SOOOOOoooo many new tunes we’re cooking up. It’s ri-friggin-diculous Oh, I’ve said too much already.  We’re poised to make the most honest and authentic record we’ve ever done.  The undoing of this season has been spectacular and ruthless and we are making music again on the other side of these experiences. It’s knocked us down for sure but we are rising up again. We’re a ragamuffin band of some deeply grateful songwriters who are thankful for the gift of music in a whole new way. We’re digging in our heels and kicking the shit off at the same time.

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