Hosting A House Concert

We’ve put together a few answers to frequently asked questions about hosting a house concert. Hope it helps! Contact us if you’re interested. It will be a hoot. Seriously.

What is a house concert?

· A house concert is a chance to hear live acoustic music in an intimate, listener friendly environment. The premise is simple really.  You open up your home and invite friends and family into your living room to share in a performance by one of your favorite musicians. It’s a great way  to introduce a new artist to an appreciative audience. Unlike a club, people have a chance to meet and interact with the performer in a family (and ear) friendly setting.

Is it expensive to host house concert?

· No, the host of the house concert gets a free night of great entertainment. Each invited guest pays a donation, which goes to the artist. Or you can negotiate with them to help cover any possible expenses.  The goal of a house concert is to NOT HAVE any expenses though.  A typical donation for a house concert is $8-$12. If you are concerned about asking people to pay, let them know that all proceeds from ticket sales/donations go to the performer. This is a way for you and your guests to directly support a touring performer, and to have a memorable and unique evening at a reasonable price. By hosting a private concert at your home, you are simply providing a venue for the performance.

How many people do I need to be able to have to host a house concert?

· House concert audiences run anywhere from 10-50 people. Generally, 15-30 people is a good size crowd to aim for. If you think of friends, family, small groups and neighbors etc who might be interested, it’s pretty easy to get enough people together.

Is my house big enough to host a concert?

· It’s surprising how many people can be seated comfortably in a living room. Using concert-style seating, with dining room or kitchen chairs and a little clever furniture rearranging, an average living room can usually seat 30-35 people. Finding a spot for the ottomans is the biggest obstacle ahead of you.  If needed, you can borrow stacking chairs from a local church or school, use patio chairs, or ask friends to bring a chair or two.

Should I provide refreshments?

· Most house concert hosts provide coffee, (good coffee) tea, or soft drinks, and often a dessert (good dessert) or appetizer (good appetizers). You can do as little or as much as you want, or invite others to bring food to share. (If you’re having a house concert for Annagail, cheescake is always welcome!! …and chocolate.  Or we skip the concert and just eat!)

Do I need a sound system?

·  At most house concerts, the performer will play un-plugged. In such an intimate space, playing acoustically is often the best way to go. That’s another thing that makes a house concert so much more enjoyable for the audience than going to a club. However, if a sound system is needed based on the house size or audience size, Annagail will provide sound.

Sounds friggin’ great, how do I schedule a house concert?

·  Annagail is always interested in playing a house concert. E-mail us and we’ll set a date. Then, we’ll talk through all the details you need to know, from who to invite, when to call, or what to include in an email or send out invites, and how to set up the evening.