Another (!) New Album “Baby, It’s You” Out Now!

Annagail's album cover for Baby Its You - featuring an ice cream cone
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Our second album of 2021!  We have been writing songs during this weird time for humanity. A-lot of them. Then we recorded them and made the album ‘Home’ this past July. Then we wrote more. We couldn’t stop. We still can’t stop. Songs are piling up. So here is our next album, “Baby, It’s You.” The title track is a delicious bluesy number that Jennifer wrote that will no doubt live on repeat. Good luck getting to track 2.

We’re here to make music. So that is what we’re doing. That sounds profoundly simple – Sometimes it takes awhile to remember that amidst all that is going on around us. …and it is a lot. This is an album of renewed, authentic voices that have spilled out into the most honest and vulnerable songs we’ve ever released yet.

We know that wreaks of big and noble hyperbole and maybe even a little cliché. I mean who doesn’t claim that their new songs are always their ‘most honest.’ We all grow…and as artists we grow. We sure have. Some are epic, some are quiet, some are loud..some are louder. We hope they move you – in your heart and in your feet.


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