Annagail’s Jennifer part of all-female Michigan super-group “Respect” cover and video!

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An International Women’s Day tribute to Aretha Franklin: An all-female Michigan super-group releases a dynamic “Respect” cover and video. Annagail’s own Jennifer was a part of this amazing release!

Check out the full story and video at Local Spins.

The Michigan Music Alliance, which organized the ambitious recording project that involved a host of musicians and engineers, called it an “all-female jubilee of joyful sounds offering homage to Michigan’s own ‘Queen of Soul’” with 30-plus female artists asserting “the outright divine power of Michigan women in music.”

In celebration of International Women’s Day March 8, and in honor of Women’s History Month, the Michigan Music Alliance organized a state-wide female jubilee of joyful sounds offering homage to Michigan’s own Queen of Soul- Aretha Franklin! This very special volunteer project gathers together five recording studios and more than 25 fabulous female artists from all across the state, to celebrate The Queen’s legacy and declare the outright divine power of Michigan Women in Music.

For a full list of all the badasses involved, click here for the The Michigan Music Alliance’s Facebook page post!


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