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I can think of few bands or artists that have endured the sort of pain and travails that Annagail have experienced, and come out of it creating beautifully compelling music with a hopeful air. The band is featured today at Local Spins, where you can watch a documentary of their arduous journey and listen to today’s Local Spins on WYCE.
-John Sinkevics

Tune in at 11am on 01/07/22 on WYCE 88.1 fm to catch us on the ‘Local Spins’ show. We’re the featured artist this week and are so excited to chat with our dear friend, John Sinkevics again. He’s a tireless supporter of Michigan’s music scene. You may have noticed him in our documentary!

But wait, there’s more! He’s also debuting two new tracks off our brand new album, “Baby, It’s You.” Tune in to hear ‘Parade’ and ‘Anne’ making their first trip over the airwaves. Parade is darkly optimistic, as per Jared’s style and Anne is a gorgeous and haunting tune from Jennifer that might be our favorite at the moment. 😃

‘Parade’ features our marvelous friend BettySoo @bettysoo on accordion. She’s a brilliant musician and also a part of the trio Nobody’s Girl.

You can listen online too at grcmc.org/streamplayer

Thanks for support and for listening, as always.  We’re grateful.

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