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The Sunroom Sessions

A Career Spanning Video Collection

We’ve been playing a jolly good amount of acoustic shows lately and have so enjoyed the process of stripping the songs back and seeing what they’re made of…it’s slowed us down and helped us do the same thing as individuals and a band. Music, especially when played with quality, authentic, ragamuffin friends is the best therapy there is.


If All I Had

If all I had were my feet…to offer you my King
Then I would dance

If all I had were my hands…to offer you my King
then I would lift them just as high as I could to reach you


Open up the sky…to see the light of heaven
Open up the sky…let your glory come in

If all I had was my voice…to offer you my King
Then I would sing

If all I had was my heart…to offer you my King
Then I’d surrender it all and give you everything


Open up the sky…to see the light of heaven
Open up the sky…let your glory come in

Open up the sky…to see the light of heaven
Open up the sky…

And with my feet, my hands, my voice, my heart
I’ll lift them high, I understand, I’ll start
it’s the least I can do…

words and music by Jared & Jennifer Adams
© 2005 BMI T/F Unicorn Publishing

In Time

Don’t be afraid of sudden terror
Don’t be afraid of noise at night
Don’t let your heart grow weary ever
Even in the long hard fight

Oh daddy cover me
From the wolves that seek to devour me
Father cover me
From the wolves that don’t want me set free

Your word is like a moving fire
Set on a course before my feet
I will not faint I will not falter
Lord reach out and rescue me


My heart is in your hands, I may not understand
But I feel the way you love me, just the way I am

Words & Music by: Jennifer & Jared Adams
© 2008 BMI T/F Unicorn publishing

Beautiful Irony

I may’ve given up the promise of the morning
Let tomorrow be a new day for someone else
Every night with that worn out line dawning
I can’t help but trust the promise of you
You’ll see me through…

A good friend once thought of giving up on feelings
I guess maybe ‘cause they tore him up too much
Well saving that breakdown as a last resort is appealing
But if I try his theory that’s probably a feeling too….
Its time for you to tell me


How long is forever gonna take me?
How loud do I have to shout?
How far do I have to fall to see what you see? (in me)
Is that the beautiful irony?
oh oh ooooh

Might have stumbled once today or maybe a thousand (times)
Lately it’s been harder to keep track
I suppose it don’t matter
‘cause I don’t think you’re countin’
It’s all I’ve known, gotta find something new…its time for you to tell me



I’m at the end of myself trying to numb the pain
This oil and water I give to the Father
I dare you to wash it away
Is that the beautiful irony
oh oh ooooh

Is that the beautiful irony
oh oh ooooh

Words & Music by: Jared & Jennifer Adams© 2010 BMI
Administered by: T/F Unicorn Publishing

Where Was I

There were red roses and I should have noticed

The card that said I need you love me

It was black and white, it was in plain sight

Anyone but me could see

Anyone with a heart or a brain in their head

Could of really understood

There was something going wrong

Should have seen it coming

Kept you from running

You tried to tell me all along


Where was I

When the sun and the moon and the stars were fallin

Where was I

When the light in your eyes went out

Didn’t happen overnight

But you’re sure gone alright

When you said good bye, where was I Yeah

Verse 2

There was a heart bleeding begging and needing

Anything that felt like love

I was too caught up

In a whole lot of

nothing that really mattered half as much

As the way that it felt when we loved when we touched

Baby now that you’re gone

I’m gonna miss you so much

Like the clouds in the sky, like the sand in the sea

Baby nothin means nothing without you with me


I was lost you were trapped

I was gone when you needed my attention

There were tears that I missed they were part of the list

To numerous to mention

I always thought that id be with you

Now I’m standin’ here alone

And the worst part of it is….guess I should have known

follazoo publishing ASCAP, follazoocrew2 BMI