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The Subtle Sessions

About the EP

Produced by Tim Suttle, this 4 song EP captures a very energetic period of the band. Without losing the solidly grounded guitar foundation, they pull in a broad mix of driving anthems and gentle acoustic tracks.

About the project

Complemented by former Satellite Soul band mates Ryan Green, Kevin Igarta and Tim Suttle, these songs laid the groundwork for what would become ‘Linger In Bloom’ as these 4 songs were re-recorded on that album.  Unfortunately the limited pressing of this recording is now out of print.  It featured: In Time, Whom I Have Believed In, Little Piece of Heaven and the undeniable Song That Never Ends, which is undoubtedly still stuck in the heads of many a weary soul out there…

Album Review

“Annagail has found the meaning of music. The ability to tell you what only your mind can visualize and then taking it a step further, they say what many of us want to about life but fear the rejection of saying it.”
- -Levi Perkins ‘Crossroads’ 107.9 fm KZLS