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Linger In Bloom

Release Date: February 1, 2008
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This album captures a re-invention of the band

Recorded in Kansas City at the beautiful Culture House Studios, the newest studio record, Produced by longtime friend Don Chaffer, (Waterdeep, Sara Groves, Charlie Hall, Maeve, This Holiday Life, The Voice I and II) and engineered by Greg Lafollette and mixed by Russ Long (Wilco, Over the Rhine, Newsboys, Sixpence None The Richer, and even Dolly Parton!) this one delivers with astounding production and quality. It captures a reinvention of the band with 12 solid tracks. A broad mix of driving anthems that showcase a band that’s just as comfortable behind a blaring Fender amp or B3 as it is an acoustic guitar and mandolin. Plenty of variety, yet still focused and executed like only 15 years of recording and concerts can do.

Available Lyrics

In Time

Have you ever wondered why
If the sky fell would you die
What would happen then
What would happen then

Are you smart enough to try and understand

As the seasons fly I’m wasting while I try to disappear
If I run will you let me
Will you come and get me to wipe away the fear
Oh you say in time…in time

If there were no space and time
Would we need a nursery rhyme
To make us feel okay
Would we hear it anyway

Are you tough enough to try and comprehend

Once I had a dream that I was someone who was no one
And I was falling from the window of the 32nd floor
Everything around me was so blurry in a hurry that
I thought I was gone

but I was…not

words and music by jared adams
© 2001 BMI T/F Unicorn Publishing

Beautiful Irony

I may have given up the promise of the morning

Let tomorrow be a new day for someone else

But every night even with that worn out line dawning

I can’t help but trust the promise of you

You’ll see me through…I believe

A good friend once thought of giving up on feelings

I guess maybe ‘cause they tore him up too much

Well saving that breakdown as a last resort was appealing

But if I try his theory that’s probably a feeling too….

Its time for you to tell me



How long is this forever gonna take me

I thought it’d make more sense to hear it out loud

The end is in sight if you’re trying to break me

But the beautiful irony is the light at the end of the tunnel is you


Might have stumbled a few times today maybe a thousand

Lately it’s been harder to keep track

I suppose it don’t matter

‘cause I don’t think you’re counting

It’s all I’ve known so to find something new…its time for you… to tell me



I’m at the end of myself trying to numb the pain

This oil and water I give to the Father

I dare you to wash it away

Chorus x2

Words & Music by: Jared Adams

© 2006 BMI T/F Unicorn Publishing


Close Your Eyes

Isn’t it amazing

How I find myself alone

How is it that you know what

I’m gonna say

I persist and think that

I can get away


Pre Chorus

And then it’s all I can do

I seem to barely make it through



Close your eyes it’s barely like a dream

Give me the air I’ll use it I swear

You offer me so much that is unseen

Transport me away I’m seizing the day


What comes first the doubt or sin

I need some room to change within

Tongue tied and twisted

My head says I missed it


Pre Chorus

But my hearts still safe and sound

Is this the fertile soiled ground (x2)

Chorus x2


Words & Music by: Jennifer Adams

© 2006 BMI T/F Unicorn publishing

Album Review

For those who have followed Annagail through their days as ‘Route 3’ to the present, Linger In Bloom is the culmination of a period of hard work and dedication to an idea. As the husband/wife duo of Jared and Jennifer Adams have gone through relocation, various band members, and the birth of their first child, they have morphed into more introspective songwriters and a more cohesive musical unit. Their songs celebrate faith, the overcoming of trials, and their love for each other in a way that displays a deep understanding of life and living through it. While the album maintains many of the Americana/Folk and Rock influences, it introduces a touch more of a pop element and more of an emphasis on Jennifer’s vocals and male/female vocal harmonies, allowing the album a bit more of an edge and accessibility in today’s market. That, along with solid musicianship and a commitment to sincere songwriting, is what will move them ahead of their peers.

- -Matthew Scott | Owner Lemonjellos