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Release Date: July 30, 2021
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This album is about opening to the larger life within, facing the darkness and light. While at the same time celebrating and raging at it all.  The paradox of what makes you who you are requires a deep, long look.  What you’ve overcome and survived – that’s worth singing about.  We tried to do that. These are songs to singalong to and celebrate what you’ve survived.  The unconscious is most of who we are day to day – emotional and psychological structures we build and tear down around us as we grow and mature.  We reach an age where it feels better to tear them down than to keep adding adding bricks.   It only took 40 years to write this album.  A few nights to record it and 39.9999 years to do field research.

Album Review

What Stands Out: The band’s first full-length album since 2007, “Home” tells the classic tale of “there’s no place like home,” while redefining what home actually means. Jennifer Adams’ pixieish voice and Jared Adams’ soulful rock tone match perfectly in “Rise,” a song that emphasizes that they’ll come back up together after every hardship, even if they have to “knock it down.” After Jennifer’s battle with Lyme disease and their Zeeland house burning down in 2019, the couple is more than familiar with picking up and moving forward after every trial and tribulation. The title track, a haunting but comforting tune, grapples with the idea that home is not just a house: It’s your community, your relationships and your passions that bring you home.

Digging Deeper: Jennifer’s enchanting voice continues on the track “Gypsy Spirit,” likely an autobiographical song about a woman with long blonde hair, who is likely running away to somewhere where she doesn’t feel invisible. “A gypsy spirit, a body on the run/Can anyone see her/Heading toward the sun.” In true Americana fashion, the album closes out with “Whiskey and Wine,” which feels like having a nice drink after a long, hard day, and looking forward to a new journey. The album does a great job of rounding out the band’s personal stories in a way that others can relate to.

Perfect For: Anyone coming off of a hard time.
- Liv Conaty |