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Baby, It’s You

Release Date: December 20, 2021
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Our second album of 2021!  We’ve kept writing songs during this weird time for humanity. A-lot of them. Then we recorded them and made the album ‘Home’ this past July. Then we wrote more. We couldn’t stop. We still can’t stop. Songs are piling up. So here is our next album, “Baby, It’s You.” The title track is a delicious bluesy number that Jennifer wrote that will no doubt live on repeat. Good luck getting to track 2.

We’re here to make music. So that is what we’re doing. That sounds profoundly simple – Sometimes it takes awhile to remember that amidst all that is going on around us. …and it is a lot. This is an album of renewed, authentic voices that have spilled out into the most honest and vulnerable songs we’ve ever released yet.

We know that wreaks of big and noble hyperbole and maybe even a little cliché. I mean who doesn’t claim that their new songs are always their ‘most honest.’ We all grow…and as artists we grow. We sure have. Some are epic, some are quiet, some are loud..some are louder. We hope they move you – in your heart and in your feet.

Album Review

What Stands Out: Upon pressing play, the listener is automatically transported to another dimension when delicate blues riffs flirt with the ears. Suddenly, you’re sitting in the center of a dim, hazy club, hearing the clinking of glassware while a romantic scent of sweet bourbon and yesteryear’s cigar smoke dance with your senses. A single spotlight falls onto the stage, illuminating the songstress as buttery bliss pours from her lips. The tantalizing voice serenades you beside crooning, soul-entrenched guitar, leaving every person in the audience to melt into a puddle in their seat.

Digging Deeper: For a dynamic 47 minutes, Zeeland songwriters Jennifer and Jared Adams send you on a compelling journey. After a sexy album opener, the following song comes in with despondent piano and dual, harmonizing vocals that not only complement, but also seem to be communicating support and affinity towards each other. At 8-1/2-minutes long with a swelling build and a howling guitar solo, the song feels like an album ender rather than a second track. In a way, this choice seems to indicate an ending of a chapter, not the novel. Showcasing instruments like horns, synth, banjo, cabasa and mandolin, the variety offers texture and a sundry of tones throughout, making it clear that these musicians have rehearsed this rodeo many times before. The songwriting is intricate, the recording is polished and the performances are emotive. Annagail describes it as one of “renewed, authentic voices and the most honest and vulnerable songs [they’ve] ever released” adding they hope the songs “move you – in your heart and in your feet.” Feeling warmly personal, this eight-track, genre-warping adventure comes to a close with bright beams of choral rays, saccharine harmonies and an upbeat swing instilling a sense of calm, peace and hope.

Perfect For: Floating on a pontoon in the middle of a quiet inland lake on a cool, late summer evening, curled up with a robust cabernet, an oversized sweater and your favorite person.
- Jennifer Bartlett |